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Scale Computing

Scale Computing

ET Works are a Scale Computing Silver partner and MSP

The Scale Computing Platform brings simplicity, high availability and scalability together, replacing the existing infrastructure and providing high availability for running VMs in a single, easy-to-manage platform.

Run your applications in a fully integrated platform. Regardless of your hardware requirements, the same innovative software and simple user interface give you the power to run infrastructure efficiently at the edge.

The HC3 Virtualization Platform is Simply Better
Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions like the Scale Virtualisation Platform combine servers, storage, and virtualisation into a single appliance that can be deployed quickly, managed easily, and scaled out seamlessly. With hyperconverged infrastructure, SAN and NAS storage is no longer required for highly available infrastructure.

The Scale Platform combines servers, storage, and virtualisation into a single solution to make IT infrastructure easier for organisations of every size. Whether you have one IT administrator or hundreds, the Scale Computing hyperconverged infrastructure eliminates complexity, lowers costs, and frees up management time.

Using an appliance-based approach to virtualization, our HC3 infrastructure solution is faster to deploy, easier to manage, and allows you to scale seamlessly as your organization grows. Even in an emergency with the failure of hardware components or entire appliances, HC3 infrastructure lets you keep critical apps – and your entire organization – up and running.

Read more about the challenges of edge here: White Paper

Don’t just take our word for it, try it with your data
While ET Works can give you a demo of the Scale platform, we are also able to offer a full onsite Proof of concept, to allow you to run your data on your network to fully appreciate the solution.

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