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Uninterruptible Power.
Uninterruptible Internet.
Both in One Neat Box.

‘Most Innovative Product Of The Year’ At The 2022 BCI Global Awards

Robust Resilience for Home, Edge and IoT

For highly resilient Edge Computing, Remote Work or Remote Office locations, Reskube’s zero touch provisioning and remote orchestration deliver simply deployed power and communications resilience for critical business operations ensuring continuity even in complex multi-site environments.

Reskube Edge brings enterprise-level infrastructure resilience to edge computing, including the home and IoT. Designed for infrastructure managers prioritizing uptime, Reskube ensures that the remote edge of your network is as stable and secure as the core.


More than a UPS

Reskube is not any old uninterrupted power supply (UPS). It delivers sub-10ms failover to support even the most sensitive IT equipment and equipped with a 10 year lifetime 768Wh Lithium Iron Phosphate battery making an excellent return on investment.

With an impressive run time of up to 30 hours and a recharge time of only 2 hours, it ensures your essential devices from servers and switches to CCTV and IoT, remain operational for the full duration of an outage, not just the first 20 minutes.

Proactive Network Resilience with Reskube

For infrastructure managers who anticipate rather than react, Reskube is an essential ally, ensuring that your staff’s critical activities and online meetings proceed without a hitch. In the event of internet unavailability, Reskube seamlessly transitions to a 4G network, or even satellite connectivity if available, maintaining constant internet access. This guarantees that operations, whether it’s Zoom or Teams calls, or other vital online functions, continue smoothly and without interruption.

Zero packet loss and consistent IPs

Reskube PowerUp is engineered for infrastructure managers who demand failover with zero packet loss and maintaining a consistent IP address. By bonding landline and 4G connections, it reduces latency and jitter, making it indispensable for VOIP, remote desktop interfaces, VPNs, and live streaming services. PowerUp guarantees stability and reliability for seamless operational continuity.


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