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About Us

We’re the people who make IT work

We’re a company of technical experts with years of collective technology knowledge. We offer independent IT solutions as a value-added re-seller. We can tackle any IT challenge from Cloud to Cybersecurity and we pride ourselves on guiding and supporting our clients through each stage of their IT evolution, providing valued continuity and agility.

And because we’re living in a context of constant change, we need to deliver ambitious innovation. Our new, relevant technologies are based on evidence and changing client needs, rather than allegiance to one technology brand.

We’re trusted by global brands, partners and clients to diagnose and solve their IT requirements, delivered by real people with a real commitment to enabling people to harness the utility of technology.

Our history & experience

Our 27-year history has given us a unique appreciation for the beautiful simplicity of technology that just works. We leverage our history and pair that with a passion for emerging technologies. We are constantly working to test, design and build solutions that will harness the power of technology and deliver tangible, relevant benefits for our clients. We work collaboratively to help overcome your business challenges and solve hurdles along the way with end-to-end support. This commitment resulted in us working with clients’ time, and time again as they progress through their IT journey and has achieved a 98% client retention rate.

How can we help you?

We’re real people, with years of collective knowledge and a real commitment to enabling our clients to harness the utility of technology.

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