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Enterprise Storage

We are currently seeing strong interest and demand in High-capacity Flash, Hybrid (Flash & Disk), NVMe, 32 GBit Fibre-channel, Containerisation (this typically requires Software-defined Storage), Cloud to Cloud Backup, and finally Hyper-converged Solutions that blur the need for discrete dedicated Compute and Storage. When discussing ‘Enterprise’ storage we are typically focusing on two key features:

  1. High-performance
  2. High-availability

Where Cloud-like Capacity and high-availability are required then we at ET Works are continuing to promote and deploy Object storage with our clients.

With over 25 years experience at ET Works, we have developed multi-tiered storage solutions based on state-of-the-art flash, disk and tape sub-systems from enterprise vendors. An efficient multi-tier storage solution will allow clients to reduce the cost of high-end storage solutions, whilst keeping the data accessible and safe.

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