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ET Works introduces Seagate LYVE

Written by: Darren Biggs

ET Works announces the addition of Seagate LYVE to its portfolio of world-class technologies

London, January 20 2022- Edge data acquisition has been a constant challenge in the energy industry.  Seismic imaging of the subsurface has grown exponentially – from the early days of 2d, to the world we now know of complex 3d, 4d and 4c high resolution seismic with multi-azimuth technology, broadband acquisition, growing streamer counts and extreme cable lengths.  Supporting seismic acquisition, processing and data management has been a core service for ET Works since the business was born in 1993.  Over 28 years later, we’ve seen the recording and storage technology change too, from open reel tape through 8mm, DLT, 3480, 3490, 3590 and 3592 tape types – with each evolution the capacity, speeds and reliability have increased.

At ET Works we’re always adapting and evolving to those changes in the IT and technology stacks that we support, sell and maintain.  Seismic and oceanographic data acquisition is no longer the sole preserve of the oil industry.  Seismic imaging is now the norm for offshore renewables for wind farm developments, again following the same evolutionary path from 2d to ultra-high-resolution 3d swathes.

Oceanographic data acquisition has now become multi-component; seismic, side-scan, multi-beam, backscatter, bathymetry and sub-bottom profiler datasets can all be shot within the same operational programme on a variety of vessel sizes, from the core acquisition vessels to smaller support and autonomous vessels acting singularly or within small fleets.  Alongside this are various additional data-streams from a variety of sensors, from navigation, to PAM and bird survey data, through various marine habitat, environmental, water-column, MetOcean or borehole and CPT datasets.  These multi-component datasets are now in the Terabyte or Petabyte scale – written to a variety of system or filetypes rather than the SEGD stream to tape we would traditionally associate with offshore.  To that end, direct to disk i/o is now becoming the standard but easy egress and ingress from boat to datacentre is still a bottleneck.

Speed is still king – getting the data from the vessel, processed in your datacentre and out to your clients and stakeholders is still the mission.

At ET Works we partner with over 50 of the world’s most innovative technologies including Seagate. With 40 years expertise in disk technology and storage, an $11Billion turnover and delivery of 600 Exabytes of storage annually, we can think of no better choice of technology partner.  We were delighted when Seagate came to us to help bring their new edge storage under the LYVE portfolio to the Energy marketplace.  LYVE brings a bespoke modular platform designed for rapid data movement in harsh conditions outside of the datacentre – Opex based, built for ease of use, i/o speed, data transfer and migration, it introduces a tailor made hot-swappable system of disk caddies (LYVE Mobile) plus a full Cloud solution (LYVE Cloud) that promises the lowest TCO on the market together with high data upload rates, zero access fees and all backed by Seagate’s trusted security.

Come and talk to us about your data challenges, acquisition projects and plans for 2022 and beyond.  Bring Data Home Safe with Seagate and ET Works.  28 years later we’re still relishing the challenge!


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