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Scale Computing VDI powered by Parallels RAS

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Flexible Application and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Scale Computing VDI powered by Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS) is an all-in-one virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution that is easy to deploy, manage, and maintain.

In the early days, the promise of VDI was simple – virtualising desktops will reduce hardware costs, break the 3-year refresh cycle, simplify desktop management, and ultimately, save businesses lots of time and money.

However, the reality of the traditional VDI model was never that simple. VDI software alone comes with hefty licensing fees, and that’s before you get into the hardware discussion. Moreover, set up is complicated and often requires a dedicated IT team to manage.

For these reasons, legacy VDI was often limited exclusively to large enterprises.

› Scale Computing VDI Delivers For All Markets
The Scale Computing HC3 platform brings together servers, storage, virtualisation, and disaster recovery into a single, feature-rich solution. The heart of the HC3 platform is the HyperCore™ operating system which includes a fully integrated KVM-based hypervisor for virtualising both Windows and Linux machines.

Features such as Live VM Migration, High Availability, Snapshot Scheduling, and VM Backup and Quick Recovery make the HC3 virtualisation platform an ideal solution for VDI deployment.

› Easy to deploy, manage, and maintain
Together, Scale Computing and Parallels RAS streamlines the deployment and maintenance of IT infrastructures. A unified and intuitive management console, including FSLogix Profile Container integration, automated image optimisation, configuration wizards, and a customisable set of tools to configure Microsoft Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) and VDI, all reduce IT work hours.  Moreover, auto-provisioning and auto-scaling are available out of the box.

› Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)
Scale Computing and Parallels RAS is an all-in-one solution, saving resources, reducing the hardware footprint and lowering overhead costs. A single licensing model incorporates all the product’s comprehensive features, and the learning curve for admins is fast.

› Outstanding user experience
Parallels RAS enables users to productively work on applications and desktops from any operating system (OS) with Parallels Clients for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS/iPadOS, Android, Chrome OS and HTMLS5 browser. Ultra-fast login, accelerated file retrieval and fast application response, in addition to effortless multitasking, hassle-free printing, and full RemoteFX support, contribute to streamlining processes and increasing productivity.


Simple to deploy and maintain
Streamline the management of VDI and Microsoft RDS infrastructure by leveraging the broad range of tools and automation capabilities available in Parallels RAS.

  • Auto-provisioning and auto-scaling
  • Centralised management console with web-based Management Portal
  • Wizard-based deployment
  • FSLogix Profile Container integration
  • Granular admin permissions
  • Automated image optimizations
  • Multi-tenant architecture
  • High Availability Load Balancing (HALB)
  • UX Evaluator and advanced session metrics
  • PowerShell and REST APIs
  • Client autoconfiguration
  • Automated notifications and custom actions
  • Server management tools
  • Resource-based load balancing

Outstanding user experience
Provides an intuitive and seamless user experience (UX) on any device, allowing employees to access their workspace wherever they are, in the office or on the go.

  • Accelerated file retrieval
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Multitasking
  • Quick keypad
  • Full RemoteFX support
  • Bidirectional audio
  • White-labeling ability
  • Effortless printing and scanning
  • Ultra-fast login

Reduce TCO
Easy to deploy, configure and maintain, Parallels RAS enables organisations to reduce IT complexity while increasing staff and user productivity

  • Fast learning curve
  • No-expensive add-ons
  • Concurrent user model
  • Manage sub-licensing

Parallels Remote Application Server and Scale Computing

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The shift to remote workplaces has created new demands and challenges. Businesses are increasingly looking for a simple, validated infrastructure solution that is easy to deploy, manage, and scale while providing secure remote access and virtualised client computing. Parallels® RAS and Scale Computing have partnered to provide a simple, powerful solution to meet remote enablement needs while reducing total cost of ownership and improving security.

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