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Blocky for Veeam joins the family

Written by: Jon Moore

The latest vendor to join the ET Works family is Blocky for Veaam, hailing from GRAU DATA and based in Schwäbisch Gmünd in southern Germany.

London, December 2022 – Blocky for Veeam is part of GRAU DATA’s core offering around a suite of products that allow customers to exploit the full potential of their data assets, while keeping them safe and fit for purpose.

Backup Data, the last line of defence in a ransomware attack.

For a long time we were told to focus on the perimeter and when that became to easy to breech the advice has moved to Zero Trust. Cyber criminals have been incentivised over the last few years to ensure that you can’t recover. There is little point in staging a well-executed takeover and then allowing the victim to lock you out of the environment or simply put everything back like you were never there. Therefore AD and Backups were the next logical target to seal the deal.

Blocky for Veaam creates a zero trust environment for your Windows based Veeam repositories by blocking anything that isn’t Veeam changing any data on your protected backup volumes. Make your backups immutable by adding Blocky to your Veeam backup volumes running within a Microsoft Windows Environment. Blocky is installed on the Microsoft Windows Repository server and protects NTFS and ReFS volumes residing on internal storage, direct attached disk-based storage such as block storage connected via iSCSI or a Fibre Channel SAN.

This is a simple to install (in minutes), low maintenance, cost effective product that will transform the security of your backed up data. ET Works can give you access to a 14 day Trial to see how effective the software is.

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