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Webinar: VMware Unravelled – Renew, Replace, or Revamp?

21st March 2024

In this session, we’ll cut through the complexity and help you navigate your options:

– Unravelling Renewals: We’ll break down the latest renewal packages offered on VMware by Broadcom, including pricing, licensing changes, and potential hidden costs.

-Exploring Alternatives: Dive into the world of leading contenders like Nutanix and Scale Computing, and discover how they compare to VMware in terms of features, pricing, and ease of use.

-Revamping Your Strategy: Learn how to assess your specific needs and choose the optimal path, whether it’s renewing VMware, adopting an alternative solution, or a mix of the two.

Don’t get stuck in a VMware rut! Register now and gain the clarity you need to make informed decisions for your IT infrastructure.

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