Enterprise Data Orchestration for Geoscience Operations with Seagate

23rd February 2023

Enterprise Data Orchestration for Geoscience Operations

Join our webinar on 23rd February at 11am UK and find out how to seamlessly capture, store, transport, and analyse geophysical data.

Key Takeaways

Today’s geoscience companies rely heavily on data to inform every segment of their workflow—which is where Seagate Lyve Mobile and ET Works come in. Together, we offer an efficient, multi-tier storage solution that allows customers to reduce the cost of high-end storage solutions without compromising data security and accessibility.

Store Petabytes Anywhere
Learn how you can start capturing and mobilizing massive data sets, no matter where they’re collected.

Bring All the Data Home
Discover the solution that ensures all your data survives through continuous recording capabilities and stringent security standards.

Accelerate Insights
Growing your profitability is easier when you can deliver data faster and speed up time to insights. We’ll show you how.

Scale Easily, Save Big
Find out how Lyve Mobile’s scalable pricing helps seismic acquisition teams acquire high-powered storage at an affordable monthly rate.


Darren Biggs

GEOSCIENCE SERVICES MANAGER ET Works Specialist in Oil and Gas IT & Data Management, Renewables, application integration, IM/DM architecture and empowering G&G users – experienced with Petrel, Studio, OpenWorks, Geoframe and everything in between. Rumored to have designed the tetragrammaton of seismic naming standards for at least two international E&P companies and sometime paramour of all things data, geology, geophysics and subsurface. Lives with his family in an old house formerly owned by the stunt pilot for Lawrence of Arabia, Dr Strangelove and many James Bond movies. Spends the weekends fixing the bits that fall off it.

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Find out how to seamlessly capture, store, transport, and analyse geophysical data