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London Brewtanix – Delivering World Class IT in the Age Of Volatility

23rd February 2023


A pandemic, a global energy crisis…what’s next? One thing that is certain is…that nothing is certain. The last 3 years have taught us all there is no ‘normal’ and that the best preparation we can make is to be prepared for things to change, often at extreme pace.

No one knows this better than the IT teams, who had to grapple with it all, from everyone working from home to significantly reducing their energy bills overnight. All with no notice.

With no end in sight, the age of volatility looks set to stay – so the question becomes, ‘what’s our best strategy?’ The last 3 years saw countless knee jerk reactions, only for organisations to realise they are actually no better off. How do organisations prevent the knee from jerking and instead lay iron strong foundations?

Come and join us on the 23rd February at City Social to hear from like minded peers on the challenges the last 3 years have presented, what they’ve learnt and how they’re setting strategies for the Age of Volatility. We’ll hear from customers and IT experts on how to lay iron strong foundations that ensure organisations are set fair for whatever crisis hits next.

All this done in our usual Brewtanix style – informal networking with great food and drinks served to enjoy throughout the evening.

Location: City Social, London

Date: Thursday, 23 February, 2023

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Forget long presentations and death by powerpoint – Brewtanix is all about short, compelling conversations that kick off a discussion for attendees to continue over some great food and drink throughout the event.  So, simply register and we’ll confirm your place. We look forward to seeing you!

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