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Designing a new CRM, ERP & Collaboration platform for Unifruitti South Africa

Unifrutti’s South African business was in need of a new platform to run the latest versions of their CRM, ERP and collaboration software. They required a highly available platform to prevent downtime and the ability to scale performance.  

“The Nutanix solution supplied by ET puts our business on the forefront of technology, not just following the trend. The upgrade to the new system was effortless and it gives us scope for growth, new projects and moving resources around to suit the business. It’s resilience means that our IT systems no longer present a single point of failure. We’ve seen a substantial increase in performance since we’ve deployed it and we now have the ability to fully benefit from more advanced and resource hungry line of business applications. In the long term we have the ability to deploy disaster recovery options through a direct interface with ET’s Cloud DR and Backup solutions.” 

Hardus Augustyn, Head of IT


Unifrutti exports premium quality fresh fruit year-round to markets worldwide. The company’s primary products in terms of volume are apples and table grapes, followed by kiwifruit, clementines, a wide variety of nectarines, peaches, plums, pears, cherries, persimmons, pomegranates, lemons and other produce. South Africa is one of their key growing regions and Eurotech South Africa has been supporting their local business’ IT operations for nearly 10 years.   

With a recent requirement to upgrade some of their business software and their current server infrastructure having reached end of life, Unifrutti was searching for a fitting IT solution that would provide them with the performance, scalability and flexibility needed to support the needs of their growing business. One of the key requirements was to ensure the continuity of their business during times of hardware failures or system upgrades. ET South Africa presented Unifrutti with a number of options, of which Nutanix was one.   


  • Nutanix 1350 complete cluster 
  • Integrated storage 
  • Centrally managed through Prism central 
  • Compact 2U appliance 

Unifrutti picked the best-of-breed next-generation IT solution when they selected Nutanix and in so doing ET also became the first company to deploy such a solution in Africa. Nutanix is the latest in hyper-converged, software-defined technology and provides the optimal combination of resilience, scalability, performance, automation and ease of use in a single, integrated IT platform that can run any kind of virtual workload. ET SA and Nutanix are proud to have partnered with Unifrutti to help them achieve their business objective of delivering their produce to their customers faster and more efficiently.  

A Nutanix 1350 complete cluster with integrated storage, memory and compute resources all centrally managed through Prism central. The Nutanix cluster offers Unifrutti high performance, resilience and scalability all in a compact 2U appliance.  


Complete system resilience in the event of hardware failure; high performance for resource hungry applications; unlimited scalability to grow with the business’ needs. 




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