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VMware to Nutanix migration promotion

On November 22, 2023, Broadcom closed its acquisition of VMware (now also called VMware by Broadcom). This acquisition has raised concerns among VMware customers about the potential impact on their IT infrastructure, services, and support. As a result, many organisations are looking for ways to migrate away from VMware or to implement a dual-vendor strategy to mitigate risk.

In response to these concerns, Nutanix is offering a limited-time migration promotion for VMware customers who are looking to switch to its proven virtualisation and cloud platform. This promotion can help organisations minimize migration costs and streamline the transition process. Customers can leverage the promotion to either continue using VMware vSphere as part of their Nutanix deployment or to completely replace VMware with Nutanix. The promotion also provides a way to accelerate VMware replacement by reducing the need to wait for VMware assets to depreciate.

This promotion is a great opportunity for VMware customers to take advantage of Nutanix’s advanced features and capabilities. Nutanix can help organizations modernize their IT infrastructure, reduce costs, and improve performance.

By switching to Nutanix, organizations can reduce their reliance on VMware and gain greater control over their IT infrastructure. This can help organizations to become more agile and responsive to business needs.

What’s Included:

  • One year of Nutanix licensing free, up to a predefined maximum, transacted as a one-time discount (promotional discount does not carry over at renewal).
  • Deployment and migration services for migrating workloads running on VMware vSAN or ESXi to Nutanix Cloud Platform up to a predefined maximum value**.
  • For deployments on Azure or AWS, consumption commitments can be applied to Nutanix licenses purchased via marketplace.
  • For deployments on Azure, 30 days of Azure bare-metal is available free of cost.

Who’s eligible?: 

  • Customers new to Nutanix running VMware, who are licensing Nutanix software for the first time with a minimum $100K total subscription for a minimum three-year term.
  • Customers must be a public reference for Nutanix (consent to allow the use of their name and logo as well as a publicly referenceable quote in Nutanix marketing materials).

What kind of migrations qualify?:

  • ESXi on vSAN → ESXi on Nutanix Cloud Platform
  • ESXi → AHV on Nutanix Cloud Platform OR → ESXi on Nutanix Cloud Platform
  • VMC (AWS) or AVS (Azure) → NC2 on AWS or Azure.

Full details including a list of eligible products and terms and conditions are available here on Nutanix.com.

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