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Referral Program Terms and Conditions

Thank you for considering recommending us to others!

Terms and Conditions

Referrals to new Prospective Clients are extremely important to us at ET Works. We are a successful, growing business, but as we focus more on technical capability over sales, we do not have an army of salespeople all finding new business (we’re sure you’ll be pleased to hear that!).  Your help is very much appreciated, and so we wanted to give you something back in return each time you refer someone to us, and they become a new Client.

If you kindly choose to refer a Prospective Client to us, you agree to the following:

  • You will ensure that any Prospective Client consents to having their contact data shared with us in relation to the supply of IT products or services, and you will let us know if they withdraw that consent prior to us contacting them so that we can remove them from our database.
  • Upon initial contact, ET Works will inform the Prospective Client that you referred us to them, and so you consent to ET Works sharing your contact information with the Prospective Client.

In return, ET Works will:

  • Where possible follow-up all referrals you have made with a view to selling IT products and/or services to the Prospective Client. If ET Works decides not to contact a Prospective Client for any reason, we’ll let you know why.
  • Maintain a proper GDPR compliant record of all referrals made by you for the purpose of tracking all potential future sales to the Prospect Client(s). This will allow us to provide you with your Referral Award if they reach the Spend Threshold.

Spend Threshold

If a Prospective Client you have referred to us chooses to buy IT products or services from ET Works and they spend £15k (excluding VAT) or more within their first 12 months following initial purchase (their PO date), they will have been deemed to reach the Spend Threshold. You will then be eligible for a Referral Award.

Referral Award

For each Prospective Client that you refer, you can receive a maximum of one Referral Award if they achieve the Spend Threshold. You can choose to be given one of the following:

  1. Amazon voucher between the value of £500 to £1000. The value will be set by ET Works and depend on the profitability of the business from the new Prospective Client. ET Works’ decision on the value is final and cannot be influenced by the referrer.
  2. Two days of Co-Managed Services worth over £2k (assigned to the organisation you work for if they choose to accept it, which must be an existing client of ET Works. Terms and conditions for the Co-Managed Services apply and must be signed to use the service. Where an existing Co-Managed Service contract is in place, 2 days will be added to your existing balance).

Alternatively you can choose to opt out of receiving a Referral Award yourself, and instead ET Works will donate £500 to charity (or you can opt for no referral award at all). The charity will be whoever the current ET Works charity is that year, and you will be notified of who this is before payment is made.

General Terms

  1. This referral programme is for employees of existing ET Works customers working at UK registered entities only, for the referral of other UK registered entities.
  2. Prospective Clients must be in an IT role as part of a business, with a legitimate need for ET Works IT products or services
  3. You can refer as many Prospective Clients as you like, but only one Referral Award will be made per unique legal entity registered in the UK
  4. Referral Awards will not be provided where you refer a client that is already an existing client to ET Work (including subsidiaries of existing clients) or has been referred to us already.
  5. Upon accepting any Referral Award, you are responsible for ensuring all relevant taxes are paid and that you have permission from your organisation to accept it.
  6. Participation in this programme must pause during any formal tender process, and only resume after the tender is completed.
  7. You have no right or authority to bind ET Works in any way; or on behalf of ET Works make any representation or give any warranty or assume any obligation of any kind, whether express or implied, or incur any liability or do any act or enter into any contract.
  8. Both parties agree not to circumvent or attempt to circumvent these Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to provision of the Referral Award, and affirm that in every case that both parties will act with the highest standards of ethics in their dealings with each other.
  9. ET Works decision on any Referral Award is final, and we reserve the right to withdraw or amend this referral offer at any time.

Do you have a question?

Thank you for considering referring and recommending us to others. We’ve tried to keep the terms and conditions for this offer as simple and transparent as possible, but if you have any questions, please do complete the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.